Colin McPherson

Photographer and Visual Artist


I am a freelance photographer based in the north west England working on commissions, projects and assignments for commercial, educational and editorial clients at home and abroad.

My work appears regularly in the national and international press and media and I work for business clients across the United Kingdom.

As a founding partner of Document Scotland, much of my work often takes me north of the border, especially to my birthplace, Edinburgh, where I work annually at the Festival covering events and photographing authors.

I have an extensive archive of images built up over 25 years working as a photographer. My images are available for licence on request and I am represented by the international agency Getty Images.

Fish and chip shop, Blackpool, England. Photograph © Colin McPherson, 2011, all rights reserved.

Fish and chip shop, Blackpool, England. Photograph © Colin McPherson, 2011, all rights reserved.

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  1. Willie Robb

    Hi Colin,

    Looking forward to seeing the A41 newspaper. I recently received the document Scotland newspaper. Your photo essay on Gretna ‘A Fine Line’ interested me because I made a split screen movie on the border last year to show at during the Brighton fringe. There’s a short example on my website (the full movie lasts for 4 hours and covers the whole border on both sides):


    As a Scotsman living in Brighton I couldn’t get much further South. I’ve experianced a bit of animosity concerning the referendum, albeit from old men who don’t no better. It’s a real matter of contention among the folks here. Most see it as a personal insult; an attack on their liberal principles and England’s ‘helping hand’ towards Scotland. A view that is aided in no small way by the media.

    I remain ambivalent. I prefer to view the border as more of a feathered edge, with culture and concerns bleeding out either way.

    Let me know if you’re exhibiting ‘The Fine Line’ at any point.


  2. Colin McPherson

    Hi Willie,

    thanks for the comment and sharing that interesting wee movie.

    ‘A Fine Line’ will be exhibited as part of ‘Seeing Ourselves’ and I am hoping to make more work and expand the project over the next year. It’s a fascinating subject and for me the border is metaphorical. I also live on ‘your’ side of the line and am fascinated by the subtle differences I encounter just a few miles either side of the line. I’m not ambivalent about it: I feel that independence is not only necessary for Scotland, it’s the only option at this stage. I think it would, in time, redefine our relationship with England in a wholly positive way, although I acknowledge it would take time.

    I hope you enjoy the A41 Project newspaper, it was project very close to my heart as it was self-initiated and gave me the opportunity to work in a new way. It is being shown in multimedia form at the PICS Festival this Saturday in London.

    Thanks for your interest in my work, hope to meet you some day.

  3. Onion Bag

    Some really great work here Colin. I love you style of simplicity as each picture speaks loudly in its own way.
    Would be good to bump into each other along the way …

  4. Chris Wright

    Hello, Colin – I saw the article about non-league football on the BBC website today (11 Oct 19.) Excellent photos, really enjoyed seeing them – and the same goes for the other photographers who contributed.


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