Windswept house, Gretna, 2013.

Windswept house, Gretna, 2013.






Airport departure lounges, don’t you just love ’em?

No, I admit, not a popular sentiment. A swirling mass of chaos, a crisscross of intentions and directions, a miasma of people, destinations unknown. Or an oasis?

Well, maybe that’s a bit strong, but sitting here in Manchester Airport, waiting to board for Amsterdam, before transferring to my Beijing-bound flight, it feels like this is the first time in weeks I’ve had the opportunity to take stock and record what has been going on since I relaunched my website a couple of months ago.

There’s so much to recall, so much still to look forward to. In a few short hours I’ll be back in China, a 10-day stint, dodging cars and people, hopefully the pollution too (somehow). Then on my return it’s straight to Fife for the opening of our Document Scotland exhibition at Fotospace.

That’s all in the future. As for the immediate past, we’ve just launched the second international photography festival in Liverpool – LOOK/13 – to great acclaim. And the A41 Project’s first exhibition is over, the show at The Public having attracted an audience of over 13,000 over its two-month run. Next stop Milton Keynes. All this amid some amazing assignments for The Independent and When Saturday Comes.

It’s all about holding tight, keeping breathing and enjoying it all. And sharing it all with you.

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